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Aimee is the “go-to” gal for our website and online marketing needs.

I hired Aimee recently to revamp my online web presence and am so glad I did. Aimee is without a doubt, the “go-to” gal for our website and online marketing needs. She identified various high traffic keywords for our business and with her golden touch, got us to the first page of Google Places! I’m thrilled with the end result, which was new leads and customers. I highly recommend Aimee for your online marketing needs.

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Extensive experience in online business development

I highly recommend Aimee for Online Business Development. She really delivers – full of great ideas which come from extensive experience in the area. She is very approachable and knowledgeable. She provided me with so many practical ideas and marketing strategies to help my business and I’m really looking forward to trying them out. She is efficient and reliable and a pleasure to work with. She is extremely professional. I can highly recommend her and her business.

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Our business is in it’s greatest period of growth since we started!

Before contacting Aimee our business had reached a slow state of growth. I have dealt with quite a few “marketing”experts over the years and have found most of them to be mediocre at best. I am glad that I made the decision to use Aimee as she has propelled our business into its greatest period of growth since we started. Furthermore she has helped our website to be ranking number one for our chosen keyword and also for first page results for many additional words! We have high value keywords driving traffic to our website.

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Aimee helped me generate tens of thousands of dollars in property deals

Aimee is a valuable asset for any business owner looking for strategic website/SEO advice. In this ever changing digital landscape, its becoming increasingly important to have someone on your team who can see the coming changes and advise your business accordingly. Aimee has helped me not only generate tens of thousands of dollars in property deals but has helped me find qualified leads. Give Aimee a call and you won’t let her go!

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Online Lead Generation & Digital Marketing Strategy

Double Your Responses, Leads & Sales Online

FullSizeRender_1My name is Aimee Vo and I’m a digital marketing strategist with 6 years experience  in online lead generation, social advertising and search engine marketing.

Prior to digital marketing, I spent 7 years in finance working at major financial institutions like Commonwealth Bank and UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland) providing investment advice in asset allocation and wealth management.

While working at these firms, I developed a passion (or curiosity you could say) for digital marketing as a medium to educate prospective clients on the company’s products/services and thus stumbled into the world of direct response marketing and digital marketing.

Since 2009 (just shy of 6 years now) I have developed and execute campaigns in SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content strategy, Search Engine Marketing (PPC), Video Marketing, Native Advertising, Email Marketing primarily for businesses and service professionals (experts, consultants and coaches).  

Hence I have a knack for developing and executing Online Lead Generation and Sales Funnels for various business verticals / industries that engage customers, drive traffic and maximise conversions.

I believe strong relationship management, clear communication and transparency is vital in marketing hence I work closely with directors/stakeholders in all stages of the sales cycle, including research, planning, media execution, and reporting.


Aimee’s Core Areas of Expertise:

A great campaign begins with a digital marketing strategy, with that I take a holistic approach with your advertising campaigns. I will evaluate your existing website presence, content strategy and traffic and will incorporate any or all of the below areas of expertise within consultations and campaigns:

  • Identifying the right target market – please don’t tell me that your business is for everyone… really? lets start with who your ideal client should be through the creation of a client avatar so that you attract the right customers for your business.
  • Identifying the ideal traffic platform – Here’s the shocker you need to know… One traffic source does NOT fit all…So you need to find out where your audience or ‘client avatar’ is hanging out online.  Now there are 7 major traffic sources I usually look at, ask me what they are when you organise your strategy session.
  • Crafting a direct response online ad or native ad – Depending on the traffic platform, I will help you craft compelling copy to meet the campaign’s desired goal i.e. email leads, signups to newsletter, registration to webinar, ecommerce transaction
  • Development and creation of a Lead Generation and Sales Funnel that is relevant to the product’s or service life cycle. Every industry will have different lead times before a visitor is converted to a client with a followup email or promotions marketing campaign.
  • Identifying popular Social Media & Social Advertising platforms that is relevant to your target audience and advertise on social platforms like Facebook Advertising, Instagram Advertising, Youtube Ads and LinkedIn ads
  • Developing and executing Search Engine Marketing (with different pricing models CPC, CPM, CPA) and creating compliant landing pages especially in the case of Google AdWords & Bing Ads.
  • Developing a Content Strategy and producing content in various forms of media (PDF, Video, Infographics, Blog Posts, Whitepapers)
  • Copywriting through story telling, case studies, examples and writing conversational copy that the target market can relate to. This include a compelling headline for the topic, incorporating interest or desire that solves a problem, with a compelling offer and call to action to perform a conversion goal.
  • Web Analytics & Tracking Google Analytics, Google Tag manager and third party ad tracking/conversion tools to monitor and track your advertising advertising results to ensure we are hitting your conversion goals and getting and ROI.

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An Established Cosmetic Doctor Saw a 40% Increase in Monthly Online Leads After Working With Aimee.

Our business has been propelled into its greatest period of growth since we started! – Tony , Doctor

Many clients have turned to me for help with their search engine marketing campaigns after being over promised and under delivered by low budget digital marketing agencies.

What I typically see with new clients are un optimised PPC campaigns that have software generated ads which are not relevant to the company’s business goals.  These can be quick fixes in the right hands, and correcting such errors can have drastic and immediate results.

And with tougher AdWord policies and higher costs per click, I look beyond the AdWords box by uncovering other traffic sources for you.

FullSizeRenderGoogle Adwords PPC Search Advertising consultant Aimee Vo

Google Adwords PPC Search Advertising consultant Aimee Vo

Google Adwords PPC Search Advertising consultant Aimee Vo

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My Services are NOT For You If:

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  • You’re looking for the cheapest service, you want to implement everything yourself and you’re not willing to spend money to acquire qualified leads and make sales.
  • You are unable to make changes or act fast and have no interest in cutting edge digital marketing strategies.

BUT, if you are someone who is serious about your business, loves trying innovative digital marketing approaches and is fed up with mediocre online results – I love to hear from you!