Develop ‘Core Influence’ With This Exercise

This may be the only marketing video you will ever have to watch.

Nearly everyone in the online marketing world knows who Frank Kern is.

This laid back surfer dude has the ability to connect with his audience by understanding his or her core desires.

If you have trouble understanding your client and want to build DEEP trust with your prospects – then watch this video now.

Go ahead and press play…. and if you listen closely and intently – you will be served with 2 hours of pure epicness.

When you’re done, follow the steps below to perform the “perfect day exercise”

The One Question That Will Change Your Life Forever…

“If there were no limitations or Consequences, what would your Perfect Average Day look like?”

Limitations: no financial, geographic, health, limiting people

Consequences: Stuff that you could get “into trouble” for

Average: You could do all this stuff every day and never get sick of it or killed.

The ‘Perfect Day’ Exercise

    • Be very specific. Be extremely detailed and clear.
    • What would your house look like
    • What time will you wake up
    • Where would you live? What would it look like?
    • What would you do in the morning, what would you say
    • Drill down to the mundane stuff, this could take you 4 hours
    • What would you have for breakfast?
    • What would you say first thing in the morning?
    • What would you have for breakfast?
    • Where would you spend the first half of the day? In detail, What are you thinking and
    • feeling during these things? Yoga, walk?
    • What would have for lunch? Who would you eat with?
    • What would your friends be like?
    • What are your conversations like? Not about idle gossip, fun that we would have during the half day, you have to live that day
    • What would you do for personal fulfillment? Pleasure?
    • What life purpose would you strive for?
    • What would your business be? What time would you start work? What would you do every day?
    • What are your clients like?
    • What is your relationship, very specific, with your wife /husband and family?
    • What does your spouse like about you?
    • What would you do for family time?
    • What would you have for Dinner?
    • Who are you eating with and talking about?
    • What would you do at night? Who would you do it with?
    • What would your thoughts be when you went to sleep?

Why such an exercise? It’s to help you reconnect with why you started this business.

You didn’t create a business to be mediocre otherwise you would have gotten a job.

In business you are playing-to-win.

You do that by finding that quiet space to reflect…

To perform the “perfect day exercise” and on what that version of YOU will be like.

What would THAT version of you – the one that plays to win, who always succeed, who HAS the success..

What would that YOU think?

What would that YOU say?

What actions would that YOU take?

And in reverse – what thoughts would that you REFUSE to entertain?

What words would you refuse to speak and what actions would you refuse to take?

Being excited in life and in your business IS your ultimate goal – remember that.

And once you’re done with this exercise… develop deep trust by performing that perfect day on your dream client.