Digital Strategy

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The world has changed and so must you”

We are living in a very different world today than we were just a decade ago.

We’re at the beginning of a whole new era, we are in a new economy that’s digital, global, intangible, more meaningful and very entrepreneurial.

Everything has changed and so must you.

Although I blog mainly on Facebook Messenger Marketing,  if you’re finding it difficult to generate leads and sales for your business online…

then it’s time to re-evaluate your digital marketing strategy. 


Digital Strategy For Online Lead Generation & Sales

A digital marketing strategy is not about NOT about getting more traffic to your website.

Although when you work with me, I’m going to help you get exponentially MORE traffic than ever before.

It’s NOT about increasing conversions on your website either.

Although I will help you increase your conversions MORE than any headline tweak or split test you could ever hope to make.

“You don’t have a traffic or conversion problem”

More often than not, it’s a digital strategy that helps you generates leads and sales online.

You don’t have an online roadmap and plan to meet your business objections.

Within the Digital Strategy For Online Lead Generation & Sales, there are 5 main components that you must have:


1. Who do you want to serve?

The first question you should ask yourself is, WHO do I want to serve?

Most of us start a business never thinking about who we want as clients and customers.

We start with what products or services we want to sell…it should be the other way around.

You probably spend MORE time with these people than with your spouse and partners.

If you don’t consciously choose or know the types of clients you want to work with, you’ll end up exhausting yourself and your staff, wishing you could fire YOU from the business you created.

Here are the important questions you should be asking yourself:

  • Who are my dream clients?
  • What do they look like?
  • Are they men or women?
  • Married or not married?
  • Do they have children and how many?
  • What age bracket do they fall in?
  • What are their interests and hobbies?
  • What are their problems and solutions they are trying to solve

Have a clear picture of who you want to serve so that you can attract the right clients to your business.


2. Where do they hang out?

The next question to ask yourself is WHERE can you find this ideal man or woman?

  • Where do they hang out online?
  • Are they on Facebook or Instagram?
  • Are they on LinkedIn or Snapchat?
  • What are they searching for on Google?
  • What groups are they part of?
  • What blogs do they read?

Know where your ideal clients are hanging out on so that you can invest your time, energy and money wisely and get targeted traffic. P.S Facebook advertising is an awesome platform for generating leads and sales.


3. What bait or offer will you use to attract them?

Once we know where your customers are hanging out on online, let’s say it’s Facebook – then you will need to create the right bait which is an irresistible offer to attract them.

Your bait or offer could be a discount to trial your services or content about the challenges they’re facing, like a video or guide—anything that your ideal customer would pay attention to and want.

By offering a low ticket product or service or giving away something for free in exchange for their contact details – you can nurture these leads in becoming a client and selling more to them at a future date.

Remember offer value first by giving the client want they want and establishing a relationship. Once they know, like and trust you – selling becomes easy.


4. What result do you want to give them?

Once you’ve hooked your ideal customers with the perfect bait, the last question is what RESULT do you want to give them?

This is NOT about what product or service you want to sell them. 

Your business is about what result you can achieve for your clients.

Once you (and your clients) understand that concept, then price is no longer a barrier.

For me, I knew that the best way I can serve my ideal client is to have my team build out their digital strategy, their sales funnels and manage their advertising for them by setting up systems to drive consistent leads into the company.

That is how I can have the deepest impact and serve the client at the highest level.

Ideally, it’s where I would like to take all of my customers. That type of service is not cheap, they are done-for-you services but the results I can deliver at that level are amazing.

By understanding the results and where you want to take your client is the key to this step.

What, then, would you do to help guarantee their success?

Where would you lead them? What does that place look like?

Keep that place in your mind, it’s the pinnacle of success for your clients. It’s where you want to take them, and it’s the key to making your business successful.


5. Develop Business Systems

This section is not apart of the digital strategy however it’s a necessity to running and scaling your business in a digital world.

Your problems of frustration, overwhelm and fatigue ultimately started because you treat your business as JOB.

If you want real freedom from your business, you can’t have a job.

You need to become an Investor in your business instead.

What’s the difference?

An Investor owns a system that makes money, independent of their effort / time making it happen.

That means that you have processes and systems for:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • and Service / Product Delivery

Which is outsourced by staff working in your physical store and a digital marketing agency that automates the process of generating leads and sales online for you.

This allows you to free up time for yourself so that you can create more products and services…

And make a lot more income and IMPACT by serving more people with your epicness.