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High Converting "Pre-Made Local Business ClickFunnel Templates"

Use Them In Your Business To Generate More Leads & Sales Starting Today!

Save Time & Money With One Click, And The Funnel Is In Your Account.

Converting Funnels = More Leads & Sales

Complete Setup in under 10 Minutes… Easy email autoresponder Integrations… New Leads & Sales in days… And next to ZERO Guess Work. Sounds unbelievable doesn't it?

No Skills Required... You won’t need any special skills, no designer's, no custom work or any know-how to do this… and will get you set up in less than 10mins!

It's As Simple As This...

  • Edit Proven Templates - It's easier than ever to edit Funnels with Clickfunnels! You will get a free video training to guide you through simple edits in a few clicks.
  • Setup your Autoresponder - It's important you collect email leads and follow up with them so you can promote your product or service to subscribers. This is easy to setup.
  • Send Traffic - A Great local business funnel can't do a whole lot without Traffic! You can use FB Ads, Google Ads, or any other form of Traffic. 
  • Grow your Business - By Converting at a higher rate, collecting more leads, and bringing on new Customers or Clients, you can grow and expand your business.

You Can Now Convert Traffic Into Leads & Sales Without Ever Worrying About How To Build a Marketing Funnel… 

Got 10 Minutes to Spare?… That's all it takes.

A few clicks, simple edits and tweaks... and you're done. You don't have to worry about building a Funnel from scratch ever again! 

Just take a look below and preview just some of the Funnels you will be getting today...

Driveway Survey Funnel - Attract New Leads

Can Be Modified For High Ticket Products & Services Like Mortgage/Home Loans

Laser Center Funnel Template- To Attract New Patients

Can Be Modified For Weight Loss / Cosmetic Clinic Products & Services

Real Estate Agent Template - Attract Buyer Leads

Dentist Funnel Template - To Attract New Patients

It Is Easy To Get Started

1. Determine Which Funnel Or Offer Suits your Business

Simply choose a Template from my 8 Pre-Made Local Business Funnels that span different Niches so you are more likely to have success with your offer or service.

You can apply the designs of one particular niche to your business.

2. Edit in your Businesses Information

Next you will add your business logo, copy, offer/pitch, content, images and any videos if you wish so that it's personalise to your business brand.

Each local business funnel is accompanied with 8 HD Videos tutorials to show you how to edit each funnel and get you launching your funnel FAST!

3. Get Your Special Offer in Place

You have to give your potential customers and clients a reason to give you their information, or to buy your product. The good news is the local business funnel templates come with converting special offers. 

Setting up a irresistible offer or a Lead Magnet is a piece of cake and is pre-loaded for you!

4. Grow and Scale your Business

Whether your goal is to make an extra $1,000/m or $100,000/m...

These Pre-Made Funnels will get you the leads, conversions and Customers to make your business goals a REALITY!

These Templates Will Work For ANY LOCAL BUSINESS, ANYWHERE!

Whether you're a Dentist... Chiropractor... Beauty/Cosmetic Clinic Owner....Gym Owner... Fitness/Personal Trainer... Real estate agents... Restaurant Owner... Local Shop...Local Marketing Consultant....

You Can Use These 8 High Converting Funnels With Irresistible Offers to Generate Leads and Sales For Your Business Today!

I charge up to $997 PER FUNNEL for my Clients and you're getting incredible Value here, with 8 local funnels with special offers loaded to start converting leads right now!

Frequent Asked Questions

Q. Why do I need Pre-Made Funnels?

Most local businesses run Facebook Ads by driving traffic straight to their website. This is the worst thing to do because it results in low conversion and wasted advertising dollars. We take out the guessing and give you Proven Converting Templates that will help you kick-start your business generate more Leads & Customers.

Q. Do I have to have Design Skills?

No, you do not need any design or coding skills. Clickfunnels handles all of that and all you need to do is drag and drop or type text like on a word doc. We have Pre-Built Templates which we put a lot of time into creating so that you can spend less time on building Funnels, and more time collecting Leads & Making Sales in your Business. We have video training on how to edit each template easily.

Q. What Tools do I need to Start?

The Main Tools you need are: 1.) ClickFunnels. Click here to get your 2 week Free Trial at Clickfunnels. 2.) An Email Autoresponder. I highly Recommend ActiveCampaign for your Email Marketing Campaigns and for automation. 3.) A great offer that is so irresistible to your potential customers that they can't refuse!

Q. Does Clickfunnels charge for their Service?

Yes but there is a 2 week trial in which you can cancel at any time. I recommend Clickfunnels because it is a powerful tool that not only looks great but is easy to use. I personally use it because it saves me time and money without having to hire a professional graphic or web designer. You will have higher conversions with Clickfunnels than any other funnel builder.

Q. How Does a Funnel get me more Sales?

That's a great question. For local businesses, the focus is on lead generation and the pre-made funnel templates are designed with the goal of capturing email leads. By creating and building an Email list of targeted prospects who want your Product/Service, you can establish a relationship with them which will in turn pay you back significantly, through your Promotions.

Q. How Long does it take to Launch a Funnel?

If you were to start from scratch inside of Clickfunnels or use the generic Clickfunnel templates provided which aren't geared towards local businesses or specific Niches - it would take you hours and even days.  Now, you can simply choose the local funnel best suited to your Business, make some simple edits, and you can be launching your Funnel within 30 minutes flat.

I want to make it easy and affordable for you to get started so I'm going to make this a no brainer...

NOTE: The launch price is set at $67 for ALL 8 funnel templates!  Yep, but this price won't last for long...

Once the launch period is over, the price increases to $197.

At that price, it's still a bargain as my clients pay up to $997 PER funnel. 

So right now, you can get ALL 8 funnels now with 8 video tutorials on how to edit them for just $67!